Boat Storage

Boat Storage Tips
While some areas of the globe allow year round boating, most of us have to consider boat storage during the winter months. Here are tips for winterising your boat.

Fuel Tank
You don’t want condensation happening in the fuel tank, rusting it out from the inside. Fill up the tank so it’s protected by the fuel, and add in a stabilizer to help it last the long winter months. Change out the filter and water separator while you’re in there.

Put in fresh oil and a fresh filter if appropriate. Flush the system completely with fresh water and grease as appropriate.

Bilges and Water Systems
Rinse out completely. Add non-toxic antifreezes to maintain systems through cold weather.

Remove everything you can for cleaning and repairs during the off season. Put in a dehumidifyer or other dehumidifying products to keep mold and mildew from forming.

Out of water boat storage is of course best, but can be costly. If you are keeping your boat in the water, be sure to check on it regularly and if ice is forming around it, buy a de-icing device to keep it from harming the boat.



Vinyl Storage Building
Great for home and garden storage, easily attached to you home, placed on there own or to have a feature in you home.