Car Storage

Car Storage Guide

Facilities have come a long way since the days where cars were stored in fields or scruffy car parks leaving them open to vandalism or theft. All reputable companies are fully insured and offer a wide range of services to the customer seeking either short term, long term and winter car storage.

Some car storage companies cater for prestige, classic or custom cars while others are happy to store all types of car. If you are looking for secure long term car storage for your car it is worth checking to see whether it will be protected in a dry storage environment. This is important as cars are prone to moisture which may cause potential harm. Some car storage companies employ de-humidifiers to counteract moisture and offer monthly maintenance as an option, while others will de-commission the vehicle by disconnecting the battery, draining fluids and flushing with preservatives. This course of action will help prevent damage to the coolant system, fuel and hydraulic systems.

Other services offered by some car storage outlets include fully insured transportation for you and/or your car to or from any location, interior valeting and bodywork care to keep the vehicle in pristine condition.

Car storage unit security is at the top of most potential customers concerns, therefore it is important to check security arrangements. Some companies will offer an array of security measures to protect vehicles including 24 hour surveillance, dual-circuit alarms, human patrols and CCTV.

Before deciding which car storage company is suited to your needs, consider costs, locality, services offered, security arrangements, insurance arrangements, recommendations and car storage agreements.


Vinyl Storage Building
Great for home and garden storage, easily attached to you home, placed on there own or to have a feature in you home.