Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle Storage General… 

  1. Change the oil and filter, a fresh drop of oil in the basepan will keep everything nice and clean
  2. Inflate tires to proper pressure
  3. If possible, use centerstand to reduce stress on the tiresand suspension,
  4. Clean up and lubricate the bike before storage to reduce corrosion,
  5. Try to store the bike in a dry and heated location,
  6. Do not cover with a tarp, they hold moisture which can cause corrosion – use a special breathable motorcycle cover, this will help keep dust off your cycle.
  7. Remove the sparkplugs and pour a teaspoon of oil into each of the cylinders and replace the plugs.
  8. Remove battery, after doing the steps below, and store it indoors, occassionally it should be fully charged, if possible

Motorcycle Storage Fuel related…

  1. Shut off the fuel flow to the carburetors (if possible)
  2. Drain the carburetors of fuel (float bowls), there is usually a screw at the bottom of each carb. put a small hose on the drain pipe going to a cup and give the screw a few turns, not so much to let it fall out.
  3. Fill your fueltank full and add the proper amount of fuel stabilizer,
  4. Turn on the fuel and run the motorcycle for a few seconds, allowing fuel and stabilizer mixture to circulate well through the carburetors,
  5. Shut off the fuel and allow the bike to run burning the remaining fuel in the carburetors,
  6. Drain any remaining fuel from the carburetors as explained above.

Keeping the fuel tank filled with the proper fuel and stabilizer mixture reduces the chance of corrosion inside the fuel tank. Reducing the amount of air in the tank by filling it with fuel reduces the amount of moisture in the air that can get to the metal inside the fuel tank again causing corrosion.