Moving Van

Most people dread moving whether it is across town across country or across the globe. Finding the right moving company can turn a hectic move into a smooth one and eliminate a few headaches along the way.

There are steps you can take to ensure you find the best company to meet your needs and eliminate some of the stress that comes with moving your household. Follow these guidelines for choosing the right moving company to make your move a successful one.

Start Early
Research moving companies as early as possible. Ask around for suggestions and referrals. Many moving companies have their own Web sites that may tell you how long the company has been in business and provide you with a list of services they offer. Try to book your moving company five to eight weeks in advance.

Hire a Well-Known Company
Brand-name moving companies who’ve been in business for many years are more experienced and have a proven track record of successful moves.

Get Written Estimates
To be sure you get a fair price, talk with nationally recognized moving companies and ask for estimates. Many moving companies suggest an in-home survey so they can provide you with an accurate estimate. First make sure estimates are provided free of charge before they send someone out for an in-home survey. Dan Robertson, Vice President and General Manager, North American Van Lines, says, Today’s price-conscious consumers are looking for the best value in a moving company. They expect a high level of service, and they deserve to get it at a fair price.