Self Storage Investment

A self storage investment at the moment are very much sort after, the industry as a whole is on the up especially in europe. If you are thinking of getting into a self storage investment, one of the first things to do is to do a feasibility study. There are people around that offer different levels of specificity on a designated self storage site.

Basic Feasibility Study

As the name implies this is a basic study, which could be used to select between several potential location, or if you are not real sure whether a specific location is really worth a second look or a trip to review it.

The Study Includes:


  • Location map
  • Demographic Report
  • Demographic Radius Map
  • List of Competitors
  • Competition Map


  • Preliminary Municipal Review
    This study does not include enough detail for you to invest your funds in purchasing a parcel of land or to request a loan package, but it is detailed to enable you to make that initial determination of whether to invest additional time and money into a self storage investment or let it pass. This also could be a good sales tool if you have a parcel of land that you are interested in marketing.Upgraded Feasibility StudyThis study is an excellent “last check” before escrow money goes hard on a purchase contract. It is going to give you a good look at a location without spending additional funds to develop plans and final cost budgets, operating budgets and projections. Perfect for a self storage investment.

The Study Includes:

  • Location map
  • Demographic Report
  • Demographic radius map
  • Street and Highway traffic counts
  • Competition map
  • Detailed competition survey
  • Preliminary site layout
  • General design and project scope
  • Preliminary estimate and budget
  • Preliminary Municipal review

This study is detailed enough to give you a general idea of what the project is going to look like and cost and whether you will be able to build it, but does not include exact final budgets and operating expenses necessary for presentations to financial institutions.


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