Self Storage Manufacturers

It was the real estate developers of the late 1960s who first recognized the growing demand for residential and commercial storage. They also recognized the enormous investment potential self storage offered. With that, the stage was set for the industry we know today.
With a return on investment often twice that of real estate development, the self-storage industry has doubled in size every decade since. Today, few businesses outperform self storage when it comes to high cash returns. As a solid real estate investment, it offers rapid asset appreciation and greater passive income than other business ventures.

Additionally, self storage allows you more control over your investment. By selecting a custom-made business venture, you will maximize your returns and build a substantial net worth over time. You can chart your own course and reap the financial rewards for doing so! Best of all, you can see, feel, and touch this type of investment. Self storage manufacturers as a result have also reaped the rewards of the growing self storage trend.

Self storage manufacturers have increased greatly over the last 10 years as an industry, with cost of producing some metals falling this has helped self storage manufacturers to get in on the action and provide solutions for self storage facilities.


Self Storage Containers
mBusinesses keep a sizable fleet of 20ft and 40ft containers for the domestic leasing market and an inventory of used and new 20ft, 40ft and specialty sale units for both the domestic and international markets.