Self Storage

Self Storage offers both personal and business users a storage solution that they can fundamentally control themselves. As with more traditional storage methods, self storage allows you to rent storage space where you can keep goods and belongings in specialist and standard facilities depending on your desire.

In the past, we have had to rely upon removal companies and large storage organizations to store on our behalf and have had to play by their rules with limited access, no flexibility, long-term contracts and high charges. With the advent of self-storage, we’ve been given a lot more choice. It’s ‘Do It Yourself’ storage.

Self Storage

Self Storage is the term applied to facilities that offer do-it-yourself, month-to-month storage space rental. They are also sometimes referred to as “Mini Storage,” or, incorrectly as “Mini Warehouses”. Self Storage differs greatly from warehousing because it is a landlord/tenant relationship. Forty-seven states, thanks to the efforts of the Self Storage Association, have established laws defining this relationship.

An example of the growing trend in Self Storage in the UK. Ten years ago there were thirty self storage warehouses in Britain. Today there are three hundred, giving tens of thousands of us a spare room to house all the stuff we cant fit in our homes.


Self Storage Building
Modern facilities are well-lit and accessible seven days a week. Knowledgeable and helpful on-site managers, computerised gate-controlled access for your peace of mind.


Self Storage Containers
mBusinesses keep a sizable fleet of 20ft and 40ft containers for the domestic leasing market and an inventory of used and new 20ft, 40ft and specialty sale units for both the domestic and international markets.


Public Storage
Public Storage provides a simple and affordable solution for your personal storage needs.


Removals Storage Packing
When it comes to removals storage packing there are some tips that can make life so much easier.


Mobile Storage
A relatively new addition to the self-storage portfolio, mobile storage bridges the gap between traditional storage and self-storage by helping you get your items to the self-storage facility and storing it for you.


Self Storage Franchise
The self storage industry is one of the few remaining industries wherelocal, small operators are king. According to industry reports, the topten operators control less than 20% of the self storage market.


Secure Self Storage
Knowing your belongings are safe and secure can be a great weight of your sholders. Whether its domestic or commercial service you need the links and information here will an interesting, useful read.


Airport Self Storage
You can have your baggage collected from your residence for onward forwarding to your destination or alternatively you may deliver your baggage directly to us at our Heathrow and Gatwick Airport in-terminal facilities.