Steel Storage Buildings

Why Steel ?

Whether it’s a back yard or commercial shop, a single or multiple-car garage, shelter for your boat, RV or custom vehicle, a cabin or a place to store your equipment, Steel Storage Building and Structures has come in a selection of buildings that are perfect for your needs.

The steel industry has invested over $50 billion in the latest technologies to make steel more innovative, lower in cost and much stronger. Steel is durable and the most recycled material on earth. It is also produced via a much cleaner, earth-friendly process.

The technology used to manufacture lightweight steel sheets results in the steel?s strength coming from the material and how it is shaped. Since most of the strength and stiffness of the section depend on the shape and not its thickness, strength-to-weight ratios can be very favorable. The steel is then cleaned and coated in an alloy of zinc and aluminum. This process helps provide long-term integrity against moisture, rusting and corrosion.

While prices for other materials have increased, the price for U.S.-produced steel, adjusted for inflation, is 30 percent lower today than in 1984, greatly increasing its competitiveness.


Storage Unit
Storage Units come in an assortment of sizes and materials. Units can be used for individual, home or business purposes.