Storage Facilities

Storage facitlities are in abundance accross in the usa and a growing trend in europe and world wide. Storage facilites offer a wide variety of services. Essentially storage facilities are there for both domestic and commercial users.

Fundamentally storage facilities services can offer insurance, free rental offers, free equipment (vans trucks man power etc) packaging offers, referal offers, discounts if you place your order online, and discounts for long term storage rentals to name but a few.

On a more detailed note regarding the type and environment of the storage facilities. Most will offer a range of storage facilities unit sizes from a box-sized unit that will suit an individual with few storage needs. However on the other hand you can store up large vehicles such as RV’s, motor homes and boats through to warehouse type space for business storage. Storage facilities should be committed to keeping their environment and their units clean, dry, safe and vermin free. Most storage facilities companies will commit to certain environment standards and clean every unit before a new user moves in depending on the storage facilities requirements.


Storage Space
Have blankets, draperies and out-of-season clothing cleaned, then pack them right on the hanger in a wardrobe box. Storage Space.


Storage Rental
Storage resident manager is always on site and ready to provide friendly assistance — while making sure your stuff stays secure. Storage Rental.