Storage ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

So much stuff, so little room. Stuff you need, such as food and pots and pans. Stuff you collect, such as pottery and cookbooks. Stuff that seems to multiply overnight, such as bills, recyclables, and rubber bands. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to help you store your stuff and quickly retrieve it.


If your ceiling is tall, you should have plenty of room on the back wall for cubbyhole cabinetry and wall-hung wire racks. Build plywood cubbies to span the wall; attach them to studs. Add adjustable shelves to accommodate camping gear and other bulky items, while smaller stuff, such as seasonal knickknacks and holiday ornaments, can be packed in stackable containers. You can order plans for the storage in this article by calling 800-881-4066 and asking for the “Garage Plus” plan.

Re-thinking Storage

Recognising untapped storage areas and finding innovative and inexpensive storage solutions will quickly diminish the clutter in your home.

The Room Divider

If you need a divider between two rooms, such as the kitchen and dining room in this example, take advantage of its potential to be more than just a barrier. This divider is packed with storage, from drawers for silverware and linens to end-cap cabinets and glass shelves. A center opening also functions as a buffet or serving shelf, and cutouts at the top of the unit are perfect for storing baskets or bowls. The pass-through also lets light from the dining room doors into the kitchen, giving the whole area an open, airy feel. The arrangement lets the cook be part of the group, while family or guests can sit comfortably and chat with anyone working in the kitchen. The setup also works well for families with children, allowing parents to observe from the kitchen while kids complete homework and school projects in the dining room.