Storage Space

Storage space is sometimes a nessessity to familys, students, at seasonal times, and when moving.

Some comments about the benefits of storage space.

“Finding adequate storage in my home has been one of my challenges. The little bit of storage space that we have in our home is in our utility room. It is a fairly large room for that purpose, right near the entry of our home. It would have been perfect, except for the fact that my husband works at home and needed it for his office.

“While I was at university in my last year we were moving to a bigger place. My parents living almost 300km away I found that putting my things in storage was the the best idea. I had full access to my things 24/7 and my own secruity key. With exams coming up it made the whole moving experience much less stressful on me”.

“My wife and I are both avid sailors. We have a 17ft boat. But with both our work schedules we only get to go around twice a year. The boat is in Malibu and were based in NY so we have the boat placed in storage. Its away from the elements and safeley locked up with a key thats in my draw at home”.