Storage USA

The self storage industry in America is at the forefront of storage facilities all over the planet.
Open the corrugated metal door on one of the millions of self-storage units in America. Take a look at America?s stuff. Books, futons, wine, barbecue grills, treadmills, christmas decorations, sunoco gas pumps, computers, computer boxes, televisions, pianos, motorcycles, and even toilet paper.

We have so much, in fact, that the industry estimates there are 37,000 to 40,000 self-storage facilities in this country, with demand for them doubling within the past 10 years. There is probably one in your neighborhood.

Those who move to condos and townhouses often forego basements and attics. And although some homes may be larger than ever, there may be less space suitable for storage. As the cost of homes per square foot continues to escalate people are demanding more usable floor space and living space. That means there is going to be less storage in their homes. So self-storage becomes today?s basement.


London Storage – With space being such a problem in London, having the option to store your belongings is a idea that has taken london by storm, and is still growing.